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Company Profile



BM Engineering and Consulting Service Co.,Ltd (BMEC) has established its office in 2011. From the outside province, it has offered consulting services, cost control and planning, from the feasibility stage to  the completion of consulting services of construction projects. The firm also carried out project scheduling, financial analysis, value analysis and quality control as well as project or construction management depending on the Client needs.

 BM Engineering and Consulting Co., Ltd (BMEC) is managed by professionals who are also its shareholders. They maintain an arms-length relationship with those involved in a given project as to guarantee the client's true objective. The company is distinguished by its innovative and avant-garde cost-planning methods. It has instituted control methods such as element cost analysis which enables it to establish the economic profile of a construction project and consulting services entity that can be compared over time and in various locations.  We believe that it is possible to design and construct a project accordingly to the budget established.

BMEC’s involvement in the preparation of program and budget design at the various planning and conceptual phases has resulted in the firm’s development of technical and human resources in the field of Consultancy. To this end, BMEC have gained innovative techniques and tools that apply to its current managerial responsibilities. Planning, hiring professional services, scheduling and monitoring deadlines and controlling budgets are activities of prime importance. In order to offer a complete range of services, some ancillary operations have been incorporated into management activities. They include quality control of works undertaken by professionals, drafting of contracts, installing computerized report systems, conducting value analysis and quality plan audits, and setting up evaluation systems related to data banks maintained by the BMEC Engineering network.

In order to effectively plan element analysis, BMEC has drafted several publications that are widely available to the construction Supervision Services and Survey design.

The BMEC Engineering Ltd. Was established by 17 of Lao professionals of various expertise in 2011. It provides a wide range of Consulting and Engineering services including master plan study, socio-economic studies, topographical survey, detailed engineering design, project management and project operation and maintenance in the fields of highway; and structural engineering, water resources development and irrigation schemes. The services are provided for both Government and private sectors.

The personnel consist of qualified and experienced engineers, management experts  and supporting staff for the consulting services.

BMEC Engineering & Consulting Company

BMEC Engineering & Consulting Company was established in 2011 in response to the growing needs in social-economic development in Lao PDR.

BMEC has been registered under the laws of Lao PDR and 100% owned by Lao national.

1. Mission Statement

BMEC is committed to providing cost-effective contracting services in civil works Survey and Design, Consultancy and Construction of Road and Bridge, Building, Irrigation and other civil works Projects by ensuring that works is built in accordance with the  Technical Specification and Term of Reference (ToR) within the time frame and approved budget.

BMEC aims to deliver cost-effective, environmentally sensitive and sustainable infrastructure development.

2. Types of Services

     BMEC provides consulting services in:

- Road and Bridge Survey and Design including Construction Supervision

- Building Survey and Design including Construction Supervision

- Irrigation Survey and Design including Construction Supervision

- River Bank Protection

- Other civil works project in Lao PDR

-Detailed Engineering Design

-Solid Waste Management

-Waste Water Management

-Environment Protection

-Capacity Development

3. Projects Record and Turnover

Since 2011 BMEC has successfully carried out a wide range of rural access Road projects in Houaphan Province varying in length of implementation  and ranging from 0.36 to USD 1.44 millions in 2012

Annual turnover has remarkably increased from USD 85,000 in 2011 to USD 200,600 in 2012.


4. BMEC Clients

Through these years BMEC has worked for a wide spectrum of clients namely:

Government  Agencies

- Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT)

- Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

- Ministry of Education and Sport

- National Embassy

- Urban Development Addministration Authority (UDAA)

-Department of Public Works and Transport (Savannakhet)

International Agencies Projects

- Asian Development Bank (ADB)

- International Development Agency (World Bank)

- Non Government  Official Agency  (NGO)

- Private International Companies-SWECO, INACON,RAMBOLL to name a few

5. Work Experience and Skill in Safety, Health, Environment and Community Development Relation

BMEC’s experience and skill has developed quite significantly since 2011 attributable to its active involvement and participation in the Consultancy of Road and Bridge, Irrigation and Building in Lao PDR. It is worth mentioning here that its  implementation of Rural access Road in Houaphan Province is  from where BMEC has learnt knowledge, skill and experience in executing the work contract procedure under the National Competitive Bidding Procedure.

Moreover, in 2012 BMEC was awarded with civil works projects for consultancy services as:

- 0.75 Million contracts Urban Detour Road  Projects in Vientiane City for the Projects Supervision of Consultant Services

- 0.25 Million Houaphan Provincial Access Road from Ban PhonMai to Vietnam Border Ban KhamNang for the Projects Detail Engineering Design and Construction Supervision of Consultant Services

- 0.85 Million contract Provincial Access Road in Xiyabouly for the Projects Construction supervision of consultant services

From then on BMEChas gained new experience and knowledge in managing work quality, safety and occupational health, environment protection and community relations at projects sites. This experience and knowledge is deemed crucial for all large on-going and future development projects in Lao PDR. These include but not limited to large-scale civil works and  infrastructure development projects.


6. Quality Assurance/Quality Control 

Quality Assurance has been well acknowledged and realized by BMEC. An effective and efficient quality assurance system has been developed to guarantee standard material meeting in all aspects of technical requirements are incorporated into the permanent works and only quality final products are delivered to the clients.

7. Personnel

BMEC employed more than 30 staff working in the offices and in the fields. Of which there are:

- Managerial staff                                              5 nos.

- Technical staff                                                15 nos.

- Administrative staff                                         5 nos.

- Operation staff                                                3 nos.

- Hand Labour                                                    Varies on project necessity

8. Equipment and Instruments

To cope with the current workload and prospective Survey and Detailed Engineering Design and Consultant services,  BMEC has purchased and owned more than 20 pieces of Vehicle and equipment.


9. Awards

Contracts Awarded and signed:

- In November 2012, BMEC was selected by the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) of Provincial Access Road Construction Supervision in Sayaboury Province as the winner of quotation and Technical qualification Proposal in that Project.

- In October BMEC was presented by the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) of Provincial Access Road for Survey and Detail Engineering Design in Xiangkhoang Province as the winner of quotation and Technical qualification submitted in that Project.

- In September 2012, BMEC was presented by National Competitive Bidding (NCB) of Urban Access Road Embankment Flood Protection of Construction Supervision Project in Vientiane City as the winner of quotation and Technical qualification Proposal in that priority Project.

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